Empowering Independence

Care 4 U Health Services offers a distinctive blend of top-tier home healthcare and community-based social services in Northern Virginia. As a local, family-owned home care business, we are committed to addressing your diverse needs. Our team is dedicated to assisting individuals in preserving their independence while upholding the standards of service excellence.

We bring you peace of mind by offering the following services:

Transportation and Household Management

  1. Accompanying to appointments, walks, and social events
  2. Assisting with prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, and errands
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. Notifying family of health changes
  5. Updating family on activities
  6. Monitoring home safety
  7. Light housekeeping, dishwashing, and garbage removal
  8. Laundry services and linen changes
  9. Dusting furniture and organizing spaces
  10. Cleaning kitchen appliances
  11. Sewing or mending assistance
  12. Caring for house plants

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Companionship and Personal Assistance

  1. Engaging in conversation, discussing current or historical events
  2. Playing games, cards, or other low-effort games
  3. Participating in stimulating activities
  4. Engaging in hobbies or crafts
  5. Reading and discussing books, papers, magazines
  6. Answering the door and telephone
  7. Bringing in and sorting mail
  8. Assisting with walking and exercises
  9. Aiding with bathing and dressing
  10. Providing birthday and anniversary reminders
  11. Offering caregiver respite

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Medication and Meal Preparation

  1. Providing medication reminders
  2. Monitoring medication usage
  3. Assisting in scheduling appointments
  4. Picking up prescriptions
  5. Planning, preparing, and cleaning up meals
  6. Monitoring diet
  7. Cooking favorite recipes
  8. Monitoring food expiration
  9. Clipping coupons for shopping.

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The primary mission of Care 4 U is to offer excellent and affordable home healthcare and community-based social services to families and individuals in Northern Virginia. Our agency is located in the heart of Northern Virginia and provides services to clients and patients in Prince William and neighboring counties. Whether you need skilled nursing services, a physical therapist, or a personal caretaker, we are nearby and ready to fulfill your request.

Why Choose Us

Our certified professionals provide expertise and personalized attention, ensuring individual needs are met promptly. With a community-centric approach

Comprehensive Care

We offer warm support, community-based care provided by certified professionals, ensuring the clients’ well-being

Rapid response

We take meticulous care of individuals, providing rapid response in case of emergencies.

Engaging Activities

Seniors in our care are assured of a pleasant and fulfilling experience, filled with engaging activities and thoughtful companionship.